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maanantai 23. marraskuuta 2015

Kungens Män: Förnekaren

Adansonia Records (AR 007)

Kungens Män is a jam-based psychedelic rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. This double album is their first output on vinyl following a few digital, tape and CD releases. The band was started in 2012 so not bad in such a short time! The line up is composed of two guitar players (one of which also does a little bit of vocals), a drummer and a bass player. Their music is mostly rather peaceful and dreamy, but they also now how to rock at times. All jams on this album are pretty much based on one simple riff, but they grow and mutate on their way to keep things mind-blowing and interesting enough.

The album starts off with the laid-back "Järnvägsdröm" that also has vocals. The track gets more intense towards the end but stays in one chord for the whole duration of almost ten minutes. The title track "Förnekaren" gets more spacey and has some heavier guitar and groovier beat. This reminds me of ST 37 or Bardo Pond or something like that, experimental, hypnotic, heavy space/kraut rock with some post punk vibes thrown in. One of the highlights for me, although the instrumental track stays pretty much the same without that much variation. The longest track is the 22-minute "Sista Ordets Krigsdans Genom Snickeriet" that is more ethereal again, and very hypnotic and trance-inducing. It does get more intense and heavier later on, great! Sounds a bit like the spaced-out improvisations of Tribe of Cro or Øresund Space Collective. "Krautespark" is the shortest track at 6:36 and has a more energetic drum beat, while the guitar players try out different things on top of it. "Kringströdda Silverbestick" has at first a sort of melancholic, old Swedish folk music sounding melody that Hills of Goat might use, but it soon dies out and the groovy, sort of funky rhythm is in focus, until things cool down later. Coming up next is "Förensligandet i det Egentliga Aspudden" that starts off very peacefully and in a dreamy way, but a repetitive kraut styled percussive beat takes hold little by little. The guitars play some very cool stuff on this one. The album is finished with the slow, subtle and experimental "Hur Ska Vi Stå?" that has some weird little psychy noises and effects going on. Tribe of Cro comes to mind again. This album can be recommended for the lovers of repetitive, hypnotic and spacey improvised space/kraut rock in the vein of Zone Six, Electric Moon, Tribe of Cro or Øresund Space Collective, but without the synthesizers.

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