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tiistai 8. joulukuuta 2015

Paradox One: This Fragile Peace

Stone Premonitions (SPCD 080)

Paradox One was formed by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Phil Jackson from U.K., and he released four albums on his own before inviting other people to join in his project. On This Fragile Peace he is helped by Stone Premonitions crew members John Simms (Clear Blue Sky etc.) on vocals, guitars, bass & programming, Maxine Marten (Clear Blue Sky etc.) on vocals, Paddi (Cencus of Hallucinations etc.) on drums and percussion and Tim Jones (Cencus of Hallucinations etc.) on bass guitar. This is a very laid-back, sometimes jazzy, sometimes experimental and ambient prog rock album including nine tracks in 39 minutes. The sound is crystal clear and very digital like, so this is not for those who want their prog rock analogue and raw. I find this album very suitable for starting your morning with, it has this chilled-out, relaxing and beautiful vibe and the sounds and vocals just sooth your spirit and soul in a very nice way. Only the last track "The Unknown Unknows" rocks out a bit more and gets your energy levels up. All in all, a very nice, spacey and a bit psychedelic album with cool synth sounds and talented playing by everybody. Check it out!

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