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tiistai 18. kesäkuuta 2024

Hanford Flyover - Garden of Earthly Delights 7"

 Fruits de Mer Records (crustacean 101)

Fans of the legendary US 60s experimental/psych rock band The United States of America will be delighted to know, that two of their best actual songs have now been covered by the duo Hanford Flyover! And they do a splendid job at them, as well. A side "Garden of Earthly Delights" sounds pretty musch like the original down to the clear female vocals, but the synth bubles are a nice extra. I just love this version! More analogue synth LFO madness continues on the B side. "You Can Never Come Down" is another up-beat mind-blower, this version a bit more different from the original. I wish I had these songs as an original single for dj use, but these great cover versions will work very well for that too. Amazing!

tiistai 4. kesäkuuta 2024

Custard Flux - Einsteinium Delirium

 Friends of the Fish

Gregory Curvey (ex-The Luck of Eden Hall) from Detroit has been pretty active and constant with his new band Custard Flux releasing about an album a year and also playing some live gigs. What started off as a mostly acoustic solo project has now turned into fully electric band thing on the new album Einsteinium Delirium. This is the fifth album by the band and possibly their best effort so far. It is also a concept album based on our historic atomic madness, einsteinium being the highly unstable element first discovered after the first hydrogen bomb explosion.

There are ten songs on the album that flow into each other effortlessly. On the CD version there are just two tracks, A and B side of the vinyl version. Like before, the music is rather progressive with weird scales and also some not so standard rhythms, but somehow everything still sounds very enjoyable, smooth and together. We get complicated riffs, plenty of psychedelic guitar solos, tight and groovy drums and bass, heavenly Mellotron passages and great vocals. This is probably the heaviest album by the band yet, which suits the rather dark subject matter. The sound quality is crystal clear down to the atomic level and I just love every and each song. There are also two very limited lathe-cut singles from the album, "Equinox" with a different version of "Transmutation" and one-sided single of "Right Now Here in Time", but both already sold-out.

The LP version is limited to just 200 copies and made in the UK. The band will also do a mini UK tour in July/August playing for example at Kozfest in Devon and The 20th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus in Wales. I will just happen to be at both, can't wait... Gregory has also contributed to a several Astral Magic releases so it will be great to finally meet him in person. Also his excellent drummer Nick Pruett will be featured on one track on a future Astral Magic album Interstellar Relations... Great musicians. Anyway, do yourself a favour and buy Einsteinium Delirium before it solds out, you will love it. Some copies will be saved for the UK dates as well. The official release date is this Friday!

perjantai 24. toukokuuta 2024

Us and Them - If the Summer Lingers

 Withdrawn Records (008)

After working on other project for a while our favourite Swedish folk duo Us and Them is back with a new single! I think the final product will included three tracks, since the promo copy I received has two and there are two on their Bandcamp site now but the second being entitled differently to the promo edition. But is says it's a "Limited edition  3-track CD" there. Mysterious, right? Anyway, let's see what we've got here.

The opening title track is a nice, shortish, summery folk rock piece. You immediately recognize the duo's wonderful style and vibe, marvellous! Just too short, if you as me. "Tear Apart" is a longer, slower, hypnotic and darker piece that also has some instrumental passages. Acoustic guitar and brilliant female vocals, yes, but also synths and mellotron etc. The chorus is a bit more melodic and lighter. I really enjoy this extended, magical piece! "In the Waiting Room" on the Bandcamp site seems to be the same track, so not sure which one is the right title of if the track is devided into two parts on the actual CD single or what. You will ove this one, anyway!


Doctors of Space - Astral Sessions Vol 6- Summer 2021

 Doctors of Space Music (DOSASCD 006)

Doctors of Space (Scott Heller and Martin Weaver) released a new limited edition CD (just 100 copies) last month. This is volume 6 in their Astral Sessions jam series and a pretty heavy one. I don't have all the albums in this series, but have enjoyed all I've heard. The four LOOOONG jams were recorded in two different sessions in June and July 2021. I love Martin's guitars on these, sad thing if he really does not plan to play any more guitar in the duo's recordings? I hope I just made this up, but that's what I remember hearing. Here he also plays bass guitar and does the drum programming, so there must be some overdubs on there I guess, or he just switches instruments ultra fast and uses loops. Scott's (Dr Space) synths are as spacey as ever, wonderful. He also plays some (digital) Mellotron and Hammond organ. There is 74 minutes worth of trippy instrumental space music so definitely worth the 10€ the CD costs! You can just buy the digital download, of course. For some reason not all tracks are available for listening on their Bandcamp site at the moment.


The Honey Pot with Crystal Jacqueline - An Introduction to The Honey Pot with Crystal Jacqueline

 Fruits de Mer Records (intro 4)

The Honey Pot as well as Crystal Jacqueline are some of the Fruits de Mer Records dearest sweethearts and most released artists by them, so no wonder they are also featured in this CD-R introduction series. This collection features 10 tracks that have been previously released on FdM singles, LP's and CD's as well as three bonus tracks. 

Most pieces are cover songs (Mighty Baby, The Fleur the Lys, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Kinks, Jefferson Airplane etc.) but the album also includes five originals for good measure. The music has a very late 60s/early 70s vibe. The last two tracks were recorded live and at least "Shangri-La" by The Kinks is exclusive to this compilation. These guys are great musicians and singers, so you just can't help liking their music! There is nothing thag trippy or spaced-out, so you could even play this on mainstream radio, I guess. Pleasant, rather peaceful and melodic stuff with some folk elements. Check them out!


tiistai 21. toukokuuta 2024

Jet Jaguar - Brain Stun: The Collection, Part 1

 Magritte Records (MR 245)

Jet Jaguar was a cool space rock band from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and they first were active from 2001 to 2011. I used to get review copies of their CD releases back then and loved their stuff that was a hybrid of spacey Hawkwind and cybernetic industrial post punk of Chrome. There was also a double LP/CD Space Anthem on Black Widow Records in 2007 that I really love. This one was mostly recorded live on the group's 2005 Solar Anthem tour but also included some covers recorded in studio. The band later resurfaced with a different crew apart from the commander Charles Van De Kree (guitars, vocals, synths, electronics) and released one more CD, Mysteries of Antimatter in 2015.

This compilation puts together some of the band's best tracks along with a couple of great cover songs. The straight-forward rocker "Dogfight" is maybe more or less a copy of Robert Calvert's "Ejection" but so what? Space rockers get what they need! A super-charged opener. "Autopilot" starts off with a spacey sequencer/vocoder intro and then rocks out in Chrome style. Loving it! In similar vein, "She's an Alien" was always one of the band's stand-out tracks and still sounds cool and exciting. More 90's Hawkwind-styled "I.C.U." is wonderful too like the A side's final, slower piece "Shades of Noir Descending". All tracks on side A were first released in 2002.

On the flip side we have two tracks from the 2004's album Billion Year Spree: the mercilessly rocking "Future Martyr on Supersonic Waves" and the classic "The Last Kings of Space". Next comes an excellent cover of Hawkwind's single track "Lord of Light" and I'm in ecstasy! This was originaly released on Black Widow Record's Daze öf the Undergröund, Tribute to Hawkwind. Also my old band Dark Sun was featured on the Chrome tribute You've Been Duplicated, Burning Chrome To Disc In The Cyberage and that's where the Jet Jaguar's ultra-fast version of "The Need" originates from. This whole tribute was put together by Charles, if I remember correctly (it was twenty years ago...). One more original to finish the album: "Count Geiger's Blues" from "Future Tense". This was strangely the only track I did not remember but it's a really good mid-tempo rocker bringing to mind Farflung and Pressurehed. Phew! What an amazing collection of spacey and cyper punky hits, I just have to start dreaming about the Part 2 right now! 

J. Vdek - Earthwake

Magritte Records (MR230)

According to online sources, J. Vdek is a Danish guitarist/analog synthesist born in Copenhagen in 1981, studied at Copenhagen University where in late 1990s he was involved with groups Kloroform and Free Mechanist Orchestra. He emigrated to U.S. in 2010, now living in NYC. This limited edition lathe-cut 12" and tape (100 copies each) seems to be his first solo album, though.

James De Leigh helps out on drums and gong on the more rocking opener "Drone Strike by Inferno's Light" that could be easily passed as psychedelic post rock. The rest of the stuff is more eexperimental for sure... The closer to 13-minute "Deadlands" is just dark, ambient soundscapes made with ARP, MiniMoog and Signal Generator. On side B, "Radioactive Sewage" is a bit noisy, electronic, banging and experimental, short thing that ends suddenly. The last track is the 15:42 long "Thermonuclear Mass for 10,000 Cities (Parts I-II) that has a ominous, post-apocalyptic vibe. This one was composed together with D. A. Gardner, who also plays alto & baritone saxophones, ARP Odyssey, tape and effects on the track. The sax adds some jazzy modes for the very experimental and hypnotic web of sound. Later we also get some tribal synthesized beats and the track gets going in a spacey way with also lots of distorted guitar. Again, not exactly my kind of music, but I still got to appreciate this stuff. Check it out!