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keskiviikko 18. syyskuuta 2013

Albinö Rhino: Return of the Goddess

Bad Road (BR #06)
There seems to be a whole wave of new Finnish stoner, sludge & doom bands going on, and Albinö Rhino is one of the most promising ones. They play a heavy, slow, hypnotic and psychedelic kind of stoner rock/metal that has elements of both Om and Sleep but also lots more. The vocals are also rather varied from melodic and narrative to shrieking and even some growling when needed. This CD is their first official release and includes four tracks in 34 minutes, so I guess you could call it a mini album or a pretty long EP. The first track “Master Kush” tells us right away about one of the biggest influences and has great riffs and Om-like mantra vocals. I like the way they combine heavy, distorted guitars with lighter guitars with delay and reverb. They also use some spacey effects to enhance the mind-blowing quality of their music which is great. You just can’t help banging your head to this great track that lasts for over 11 minutes! The doomier, slower “Return of the Goddess” gets closer to Reverend Bizarre, who have had a massive impact on Finnish doom scene. Excellent! Then we have a song called “Mazar!” that uses narrative vocals and has a sleepy, druggy feel. Just close your eyes and slip into the vortex… Towards the end you might wake up when the going gets more intense in the High on Fire style. The last track “Nothern Lights” (another hint towards their great love) is a nice, mid-tempo stoner rocker in the spirit of Black Sabbath and also has some Slavic sounding, melancholic guitar melodies. The sound quality is a bit muddy but I suppose that’s what they wanted. The music and playing is excellent and this band also blows you mind live so check them out!

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