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perjantai 13. toukokuuta 2016

The Luck of Eden Hall - The Acceleration of Time

Headspin Records / Self-released

The Acceleration of Time is the new album by US based The Luck of Eden Hall and is to be released on double LP on the 1th of June by Headspin Records. The band will do a limited edition CD version with VERY special hand-made pop-up cover as well as a standard CD version. These masters of melodic, catchy and highly effective psychedelic pop/rock have created yet another masterpiece with 19 songs. We have already heard two of  the songs on last year's magnificent The Happine​$​$ Vending Machine / Arthropoda Lepidoptera single, check out my review over here. As you might have guessed, the loose theme on this somewhat sci-fi oriented album is time.

The album kicks off with "Slow", and you immediately know you will love this album. I really enjoy the combination of psychedelic guitars, groovy rhythm section & lush Mellotron layers plus the excellent vocals. Wonderful! "Blown to Kingdom Come" is another killer psych pop/rock track. Wow, the solo guitar just soars through your brain... "A Procession Of Marshmallow Soldiers Across The Clockwork Pudding" is a very enjoyable instrumental, and the title track a beautiful, bit shoegaze styled number with an amazing atmosphere and wonderful melodies. "Channel 50 Creature Feature" is a bit progressive instrumental with some more superb solo guitar work. "Arthropoda Lepidoptera" still sounds as beautiful and emotional as last year, what a marvelous piece. "The Family Timekeeper" sort of brings to mind The Beatles, "You Asked About Water On Mars", the third instrumental, has a weird intro and then we get a bit heavier boogie stuff and also some whimsical, experimental stuff that makes you smile... These guys must have listened to The Dukes of Stratosphere. Cool! "Only Robots Can Search The Deep Ocean Floor" is next and a bit more atmospheric and chilled-out. Then it's time for some fast rocking with "Another High Speed Blowout", but there are also some progressive, early Yes styled elements in there. The single track "The Happine​$​$ Vending Machine" is one of the catchiest for sure and makes you shake your booty. "Twelve" is next, and it's another nice song, this time with some laid-back, orchestrated stuff in the middle (well, Mellotron anyway). "White Caps In The Wind" is the dreamy, long, epic instrumental ballad of the album and definitely one of the highlights for me. Phew, still two more songs... "The Saints Are Quiet Above Us" is a mellow song with soft, almost whispered vocals. I'm somehow reminded of early 90s Sun Dial! The album is finished with the brilliant psych pop number "A Man Of Conservative Style" that has a odd intro and some wild sax. What a wonderful, highly enjoyable album once again, be sure to get a copy!

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