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maanantai 18. heinäkuuta 2016

Fungal Abyss - Karma Suture

Adansonia Records (AR 011)

Fungal Abyss is a heavy, psychedelic & improvisational space rock band from Seattle. This limited edition LP is their first album on vinyl following three tapes and one split 7". I had not heard about them before, but this mind-blowing two-track monster alone made me a fan of theirs.

There are only two heavy, side-long psych jams on the album. "Perfumed Garden" starts off in a rather laid-back manner, but soon gathers momentum and grows. There's lots of wild guitar, pounding rhythm section and psychedelic effects. I guess you could somehow compare this to bands like Eternal Tapestry, The Cosmic Dead etc., but Fungal Abyss are heavier, harder and have a more sinister, darker vibe. This is very powerful stuff and I love it! The track gets a bit more experimental towards the end but stays heavy and very trippy. Wow! On the flip side "Virile Member" starts to rock out almost immediately and it is another heavy, spacey brainticket to the other side of the universe. There is a little bit of relief in the middle, though, and some Hawkwind vibes I think. Lot's of guitar solos, energetic playing and my mind sure starts to melt! You can also hear some keyboards towards the end which is cool. This band is maybe not for the faint-hearted but if you fancy your space rock raw, heavy and all over the place, then you definitely should buy this album! 


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