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torstai 24. syyskuuta 2015

Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E.: Claw

Stoned Karma Records (SK006CD)

This is the fourth album by this very cool, groovy, soulful and funky psychedelic garage rock band from Switzerland. I don't sadly own their previous albums, but this new one released by Germany's Stoned Karma Records makes me feel like living in some weird, lysergic 60s B-grade secret agent / sci-fi movie. And I love the vibe! Track titles like "Take Me to Your Leader", "Planetarium Part I & II" (including cool spoken samples), "Dive into the Mathmos" and "Holy Smoke" probably give you and idea of the mental state these guys are in... The band is: Mario Janser (electric organ), Gerry Germann (guitars), Robert Ebler (percussion), Stefan Saurer (drums) and Rolf Keller (bass). Their superb instrumental music really has a strong 60s vibe, but the sound quality is modern and excellent. I really like the ultra-cool Hammond organ, fuzzy guitars and steady rhythm section, and the percussion player takes the groove to another level. These talented guys know what they can do with their instruments. Most of the eight songs are rather fast and make you want to dance (or chase the bad guys/escape the bad aliens etc. depending on what level you are on), but there are a few slower ones in there as well for a good balance. I am often reminded of Finnish band The Hypnomen, they must have some similar influences. Claw isn't hyper spaced-out or trippy, but it certainly has a strong psychedelic mood. I really can't tell what the highlights are since I like all the tracks very much. The album is available on vinyl, CD and as a download from their Bandcamp site and I think you own it to yourself to get a copy.

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