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perjantai 8. marraskuuta 2013

Our Solar System: Vårt Solsystem

Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records (BBIBR007)
Our Solar System is a new free-form psych rock collective from Sweden. There are ten musicians on the debut album featuring members of Dungen, Me and My Kites, Life on Earth”, Lisa o Piu, AnnaMy etc. It’s really nice to see that psych is alive and well in Sweden! The spirit of Pärson Sound and Träd, Gräs och Stenar lives on. This album recorded live in just two days in two exotic locations is a total trip through our solar system and starts off from “Mercurius”. After 40 seconds of quiet astral drone we get some wild, groovy beats, flute, organ and bass. On “Venus” things cool down again and there’s also for example some saxophone, cymbals and feedback guitar. “Jorden” (Earth) is a very short, weird piece with several human voices. Now it’s time to visit “Mars” with a groovy, funky and jazzy touch and lots of sax and also some femme vocals that get pretty deranged towards the end. This brings to mind early Gong stuff a bit, which of course is not a bad thing at all.

Then we take an experimental two-minute cruise through the asteroid belt (“Asteroidbältet”) and arrive at “Jupiter” that offers an early Pink Floyd styled, laid-back but psychedelic trip with some Gong vibes as well. Very nice! “Saturnus” is the longest track at almost eleven minutes, and begins in a slow, bluesy mode but starts to rock out more later on. Goat fans will also enjoy these groovy rhythms and primitive female vocals. The track gets pretty far-out at the end… Then it’s time to take it easy for a while on blissful “Uranus” and from there the journey continues uninterrupted to “Neptunus” where we are offered some soothing melodies before the spaceship blasts into full-speed again. This eight-minute number is definitely one of the most hypnotic and best. Now we’ve just got the tiny and freezing “Pluto” left and it’s a very suitable way to finish this very interesting, clearly rather improvised album that is a fresh breath of air in this over-produced, computerized high-tech world of ours.


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