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torstai 28. marraskuuta 2013

Here & Now: Live in London

4 Zero Records (FZ012)

Wow! It’s really nice to get a new release by this legendary UK free festival/psych/jam/space/prog/punk/dub band that has been around since the 70’s and been an inspiration to the later bands in this genre like Ozric Tentacles and The Magic Mushroom Band. They used to play with bands like Hawkwind and especially Gong and also recorded the punky and spacey Floating Anarchy Live 1977 album with Daevid Allen and Gilly Smyth as Planet Gong. This performance recorded live at Dingwalls in Camden in 2007 features two original members Steffe Sharpstrings (guitar & vocals) and Keith Th’ Bass (bass & vocals) along with Steve Cassidy (drums) and Gwyo Zepix (keyboards). What we’ve got here is a combination of previously unreleased classics that used to play live at Stonehenge and other festivals, tracks from their Ufoasis album (1995) as well as new tracks and jams.

The album begins with a seven-minute spacey & ambient intro jam that bursts into rocking that sounds just like the Ozrics. “Touched by Time” is an atmospheric and beautiful new (at least to me) track that has some dun influences and lots of spacey synth sounds. “Love of This World” from Ufoasis is groovy and quite progressive stuff and includes a killer solo by Sharpstrings and Zepix. Also “Crazy Times” is originally from Ufoasis and it has a nice, funky groove and a nice guitar solo as well. “Telly Song” is dub reggae that gets more progressive later on. “Moonrise” is a very nice instrumental space jam and then it’s time for some “Undergound Dub”. “Rattle the Cage” is a rather peaceful and pretty song with nice vocals and, once again, excellent solo guitar work. “Only Way” is likewise a beautiful, atmopsheric ballad-like song, but the band really start to rock out in the last song “Near and How” the will get any space rock fan drooling all over the place. There are plenty of psychy space sounds included and I really enjoy those. This is Here & Now at their best and this CD is worth buying for this track alone. So go and get it!

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