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keskiviikko 21. marraskuuta 2018

Violet Nox - Twin Flame EP

Sleep Fuse (SF 13)

This CD-R EP is already the 13th release on Reverb Worship's electronic only sister label Sleep Fuse. Violet Nox is a band from Boston, MA. They play experimental, electronic no-wave/post-punk/psych music. They have been making music for at least a couple of years now. This mini CD-R includes two new tracks plus one remix.

The first track "Swan Pond" is an over 7-minute slow, druggy, and mesmerizing piece. It has different kinds of cool guitar sounds and later on also soft vocals over a minimal electronic beat. Nice! "AxA" is even longer at almost eight minutes and also faster. It sort of sounds like a modern version of Suicide with female vocals and a bit noisy guitar. Also some krautrock vibe in there I guess. Things get rather wild and weird along the way... This is actually pretty psychedelic stuff! The bonus track "Lamb on the Moon (Remix by Miss Geo)" is a shorter, cleaner, dancable electronica track and quite different in style and vibe. Not bad, but not exactly my kind of music. There are only 30 numbered copies of this EP so hurry up if you want one! Try

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