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lauantai 3. marraskuuta 2018

Úzgin Űver - Patak

The Lollipoppe Shoppe ‎(LSCD 018)

Úzgin Űver is group from Hungary who have been making and releasing their brand of psychedelic electronic/ambient/word music for over two decades now. This is the first time I have heard them, though. This CD version of their latest album has been brought to us by the German label The Lollipop Shop, always eager to introduce exotic and Eastern artists to the West. Just do yourself a favour and check out bands like Korai Öröm, Ole Lukkøye and Nu & Apa Neagră if you haven't already. World Music really can be mind-expanding and adventurous.

Like Ole Lukkøye for example, Úzgin Űver uses modern technology along with rock instruments and a variety of ethnic acoustic instruments to create wonderful, heady soundscapes. Their music is a magical witch's brew of now and the past and it's very easy to get lured into their hypnotic, spellbounding universe. The album starts off with the 16-minute title track that has amazing atmosphere. The going gets more intense along the way and you get sucked deeper into the mysterious void. Amazing! "Gázló" is a groovy, shorter track and "Shirat HaYam" has excellent female vocals on top of the psychedelic, mesmerizing music. Great rhythms. "Sodrás" is perhaps the most danceable of the tracks, very nice. The swirling "Örvény" has mantra-like male vocals, a steady beat and cool ethnic instruments and somehow creates ancient vibes and visions of a tribal cathering, dance and feast. Bring forth the holy soma, please. The melancholic "Nádas" finishes off the album in a bit more progressive and melodic way. Great stuff! Also available on vinyl on Hungarian Mana Mana Records.

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