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keskiviikko 12. syyskuuta 2018

Øresund Space Collective returns to Finland!

After seven long years, the Danish/Swedish improvisational space rock band Øresund Space Collective orbits to Finland again next month! I've been involved in getting them to the country every time so far so I'm really happy to be the dj at their Helsinki performance.

The space ship stops on their Sweden - Finland Tour Oct 2018 on Melody Box, Stockholm, (SE) on the 24th, Reviiri, Turku (FI) on the 26th, Kuudes Linja, Helsinki (FI) on the 27th and Vastavirta, Tampere (FI) on the 28th. They also have the Norwegian psychedelic space rock cadets Black Moon Circle on board for the whole trip and local bands will be added to each night.

Do not miss this rare opportunity to experience a totally improvised, psychedelic sonic trip by the space captains!

Get your flight tickets for the Helsinki show over here!

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