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keskiviikko 26. syyskuuta 2018

Øresund Space Collective - Live in Berlin

Space Rock Productions (SRP053)

Things might have slowed down a little bit in the ØSC camp since the main organizer and synth player Dr. Space relocated to warmer (and higher) climate. Luckily, the band is still active playing some shows and releasing new albums (I count over 50 releases altogether at Discogs!) for their dedicated and relatively large fan base all over the world. This release is a double CD package of a gig they played in Berlin, Germany on the 2nd of June this year. At the moment, there are no plans to release a vinyl version, but I wouldn't be surprised if one would appear at some point.

The Collective is this time comprised of Jiri (bass), Tim (hand drum), Vemund (guitar), Dr. Space (synths), Mogens (synthesizers) and Jonathan (violin, guitar, theremin). The sound quality is crystal clear and the playing is great. The album starts of with the 30-minute "Improv To The Other Side" and like usually, the band really opens the gig with a peaceful, quiet introduction. Later on the slow jamming reminds me of The Grateful Dead and by the 20-minute-marker they are turning their space rock gear on and the track really starts to rock out into deep space. This is where the band is at their best, if you ask me, since the slowly building , tranquil stuff can get a bit sleepy at times. The 16-minute "Sneaky Snake Jam" takes some time to begin and now Jonathan switches into violin for to add some different vibes that even bring to mind Mahavishnu Orchestra a bit. It's still not all jazzy, don't be afraid! Cool Eastern sounding melodies by Mogens and a groovy rhythm section with the ever-wooshing, windy space sounds of Dr. Space. Things get heavier and more intense on their way, I like it a lot! "Henk's Jam-o-Rama" has a fast, groovy and jazzy beat at first and before ten minutes have gone it has turned into a powerful, mind-frying space/psych rock orgy! I'm reminded of the Ozrics along the way. There's some killer acid solo guitar work towards the end! On "Freaks of Berlin" the band tries to get funky on their audience and do a pretty good job at it. The track does turn into a very fast, wild space rock thing later on, which is great! One of my fave jams on the disc, after all. "Another Jam for Sabine" finishes off the album in an Eastern-tingled haze including hand-drum and mystical melodies. This is a really trippy ending for a great gig that really deserved to be properly released! I'm so glad to be able to see the band in Finland again in next month when they play three gigs in Turku, Helsinki and Tampere.

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