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keskiviikko 18. huhtikuuta 2018

Permanent Clear Light - Maurice N'est Pas La 7" EP

Regal Crabomophone (winkle 31)

Finally a new release by Finland's moody psychedelic masters Permanent Clear Light! While drooling in anticipation for the band's long overdue second album fans of PCL can soon caress their ears and minds with this very cool 15-minute EP on Fruits de Mer's sister label.

On side A there is an eight-minute track "Maurice" sung in French. The track has a very 80s vibe bringing to mind Nick Nicely and even some mainstream 80s pop/post-punk/funk bands. But fear not: it's still 100% psychedelia. The dirty, killer bass line and steady, almost disco beat is enhanced with cool, airy keyboards and weird synthesizers and surprisingly little guitar. The vocals are drenched in mind-blowing effects and the eight minutes go past like a blink of an eye leaving you wonder what the hell just happened. This is a psychedelic dance classic from some other dimansion, I love it!

On the flip side we've got two little beauties. "One in Five" is also rather up-beat and tells about Finland's common mental issue, depression. One out of Five Finns suffer from that, sadly. Maybe it's in the genes but I bet the long, dark wintertime and insane alcohol consumption rates don't help. More cool guitar on this one! The great EP is finished with the slower "This Quiet Smiling Man" that sounds more like the band's debut album. It's about Robert Oppenheimer, so not very positive lyrics here either. There are some pretty far-out moments in there, and I especially like the melancholic, beautiful instrumental outro. Wow, what a great little release! This limited 7" EP is put out with two different covers, collect them both and make your neighbours jealous. Sad news is that the band will apparently stop making music after the second album is released sometime later this year... They will be missed!

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