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perjantai 24. toukokuuta 2019

Karakorum - Fables And Fairytales

Tonzonen Records ‎(TON058)

Fables and Fairytales is the second album by new 70s styled progressive rock band Karakorum from Germany. You can read my review of their 2017 debut over here. For some reason the band is often labeled as krautrock or psych rock, but to me the quintet's sound and music still mostly brings to mind the 70s prog rock bands, but with of course a certain kraut flavour and some psychy elements.

Just like the debut album Beteigeuze, Fables And Fairytales is formed by just three long tracks. The great "Phrygian Youth" starts off the album with cool rhythms and melodies. I like the organ and guitar sound and very 70s hard prog vibe in general. I think I can hear some Jane, some Uriah Heep, Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Eloy etc. in there. A very enjoyable song. The five parts of "Smegmahood" last for over 13 minutes and we dive deep into the epic, weird prog world of the 70s again. This track has more odd time signatures, quirks and imagination than the opener. It might be also harder to digest to to the more sober listeners, but I find it entertaining and also sort of funny. And these guys can play and sing! "Fairytales" take the whole B-side of the vinyl version (limited to 500 copies) at 23 minutes. Here things get even more out of hand and mind... It has a long vocal/piano intro that turns into pure weirdness. Around the five-minute-marker the heavy, slow and sort of Oriental/mystical rocking begins. Later we get also some floating, soft passages and then more of the heavy prog thing and even a purely percussive part etc. Phew! The album has a great sound too so if you are into the early 70s styled weird, hard progressive rock you should definitely check this out. Also available on CD and digital download, all versions released TODAY on the excellent Tonzonen Records!

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