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maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2016

Zhaoze - Intoxicatingly Lost

Trail Records (TR-017)

Zhaoze is a quartet from China combining beautiful, atmospheric and mostly instrumental post rock with traditional Chinese instrumentation (gugin, xiao) creating very tranquil, cinematic soundscapes. They have several released under their belt but this CD and digital release is their first Western release and it is a sort of compilation of the best tracks from their latest album with some other tracks. Apart from the very exotic sounding Chinese instrumentation they also use keyboards, guitar, bass, drums & glockenspiel. One of the tracks ("Into Your Dream", one of my favourites) also has s little bit of vocals. I really like the dreamy, mellow vibes the band offers, and when you close your eyes you get wonderful images of Chinese nature and ancient architecture. Although the tracks sometimes grow a bit on their way Zhaoze don't really ever get that rocking of heavy or intense like GSY!BE or even Explosions in the Sky, they always stay in the pleasant, laid-back territory which is just fine. The classic Chinese music influences and instrumentation is what makes this emotional and soulful band really special and interesting. They have great ideas and the playing is fluent and the sound crystal clear, so why don't your check them out? 

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