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tiistai 23. lokakuuta 2018

Circle of the Sun - Jams of Inner Perception


Okay, what we have here is a solo album by the drummer of heavy psych band Cosmic Fall from Berlin, Germany. Daniel Sax plays all the instruments (electric guitar, bass drums) by himself and offers six honest, heavy, instrumental stoner rock jams without any extra gimmicks. So you'll just get distorted fuzz guitar, bass and drums jamming on and on in a stoned, trippy manner which is great. Daniel can definitely also play the stringed instruments, although his solos might not reach the Earthless quality. He can put down some killer stoner psych acid fest stuff, don't get me wrong!

The tracks vary in length  from 3:11 of the final track"Desert Sun" to the album's almost ten-minute highlight "Liquid Sand". You can hear some old school heavy psych influences (Hendrix, MC5 and especially Blue Cheer) on some of the tracks as well as some Kyuss and desert rock in general. All in all, this is a very enjoyable album for all fans of heavy, groovy jamming. At the moment Jams of Inner Perception is only available on a limited CD and a digital download, but there are plans to also fill the vinyl freaks' need for brain-frying rock jams soon!

Edit: the vinyl version is now available on the amazing Clostridium Records as two different, limited editions!

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