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keskiviikko 9. marraskuuta 2022

Thought Bubble - Nowhere

 Echodelic Records (ECHODELIC020)

This is the new, great album by UK-based duo Thought Bubble. I have previously reviewed their debut album Around from last year, check it out here. Chris and Nick continue in the same vein with putting together psychedelic, electronic soundscapes with live drums in a rather unique style. We also get some cool male spoken word/samples on the hypnotic "Superficial" and trippy "Control Your Own Story". Fans of Fruits de Mer have probably heard the great opener "Now Boarding" on the Sound Clouds compilation 2CD just before Astral Magic's "Land of Mu". I've had the privilege of sharing spots with them on another compilation, the Bandcamp-only The Flash Benefit Comp., Volume 1, so our paths are connected, even if by mere accident...

There are eight tracks on the limited, very tasty looking purple vinyl and digital download. Nothing too lenghty, the longest piece being the aforementioned "Superficial". I don't really know how to describe the duo's music, but there are definitely some elements of krautrock in there, but without the guitars or bass. It's also pretty weird and somewhat experimental, but still rather easily enjoyable end not TOO strange. There also some guests on "Response", "Propulsion" and "Cloudbursting". All in all, a very interesting and original album that I'm sure a lot of people with soft spot for more electronic styled psych music will enjoy. Great cover art to boost! Check it out.


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