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maanantai 5. joulukuuta 2022

Astral Magic: Lords of Space limited LP editions and We Are Stardust CD now on pre-order!

This year's last Bandcamp Friday (02.12.2022) saw two new Astral Magic releases going on pre-order!

Lords of Space is the project's heavy, psychedelic space rock album thaty was released on CD on Clostridium Records (Germany) this Spring. Due to long pressing cues at the factories, the vinyl took a LOT longer to made, but they should be ready by December the 20th, the official release day.

There are two different editions, both limited to 200 copies, coming in magnificent open gatefold cover by psychedelic UK artist Dale Simpson and including a big poster, sticker and download code: black and blue-smoke coloured vinyl ("die-hard" edition). The blue-smoke coloured edition also has long Astral Magic smoking papers.

Pre-order from (the CD, 300 coopies only,  also still available):

Clostridium Records (blue-smoke)

Clostridium Records (black).

Astral Magic Bandcamp site.



We Are Stardust is a bit more song-oriented (just one instrumental included) new album with 11 tracks in one hour. The album has energetic, even punky space pop hits as well as Floydian/Porcupine Tree styled prog ballads and much more. Jonathan Segel plays guitars and violin and also guesting is Samuli Sailo on guitars on one track. The CD is limited to just 100 copies and comes in cool digipack. Check out the first promo video "Virtual Fixtures" above! Release date is January the 6th, pre-order right now from:


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