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keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2022

Astral Magic - Apparition's Breath limited CD and digital album coming up this Friday!


It's another Bandcamp Friday again this Friday (Nov 4th), which means another new Astral Magic release. This time it's (again?) something pretty different, meaning spoken word and acid guitar work on top of electronic, hypnotic soundscapes. Shane Beck, aka The Last American Poet makes his debut as an Astral Magic collaborator while Jonathan Segel has been a steady participant for a long time now.

The CD, limited to just 100 copies, is a continuous 49-min trip with eleven parts of "Apparition's Breath", on the digital download the parts had to be divided for more fluent play on digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Youtube.

The cover artwork is based on the original digital image made for this project by British artist Andy Wainwright.

The Space Crew:

Santtu Laakso - all music, synthesizers, beats, mixing and cover design.
Shane Beck (The Last American Poet) - all poems and spoken word.
Jonathan Segel - guitar, violin & mastering.

Original cover picture by Andy Wainwright.

If you want to secure a copy on Friday, please head to:

All peace to you, galactic
brothers and sisters.


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