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lauantai 27. maaliskuuta 2021

Violet Nox - Whispering Galaxy

 Infinity Vine Records (IVR 05)

Violet Nox is a modern electronic/experimental/ambient/no-wave/psych band from Boston, MA.They have released several EP's before and you can check my reviews here and here. They also happened to be my label mates on Reverb Worship/Sleep FUSE! As always, the minimal, highly manipulated/treated music is very etheral and atmospheric and gets you in a zone. The vocals don't often really sound very human at all which fits in the style of course.

This time Violet Nox offers us four new tracks: "Shapesifter", "Haumea", "Wolf Visitor" and "Selena".  They all have just minimal beat, on "Selena" the female vocals are more clearly audible and sound really beutiful. In addition to digital release, The EP was also put out on CD for those of us (like me...) who still prefer a physical copy. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy dreamy, experimental and droney electronica with treated guitar and vocals! The EP is released on Infinity Records, Boston, USA, and will be distributed by Aumega Records, Germany after the April 9th release.


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