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perjantai 26. maaliskuuta 2021

Euphemia Rise - Farewell to Greatness


Euphemia Rise is an experimental alternative music by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Wim Lankriet from Belgium. Some of you might remember Wim from his previous projects Magdalena Solis and Syrenomelia that I have also reviewed. Mr. Lankriet is also a visual artist with a long expertice in music videos and his music also has a rather cinematic, atmospheric vibe.

This self-released digital single includes two very well produced songs. Farewell to Greatness is an original inspired by memories of Wim's  teenage years and student life. It's a short (2:51) but bitter-sweet song with a dark and melancholic vibe. I like it a lot! The second track is a cool and fresh take on Pink Floyd's psychedelic folk masterpiece "Cirrus Minor"! I have heard it covered before but this must be the most intimate and haunting version so far. Superb and sublime! I hope Wim can put out a whole album with this new project of his since this sounds really great. You can download the EP free from Bandcamp. Check it out!

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