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torstai 9. huhtikuuta 2020

Blabbermouth ‎– Hörspiel

Dirter Promotions (DPROMCD145)

Blabbermouth is a new band from Lu Edmonds (PIL, Mekons, Damned) and Mark Roberts (Godfathers, Massive Attack). They released one limited 7" for 2018 Records Store Day and this debut album was released in late 2019 on vinyl, CD, cassette and digital format. I had no idea of this band before I recently received this CD as a promo. Lu and Mark both of course have had very respectful careers in innovative and experimental music so far so you can be sure this is also pretty interesting...

It's sort of difficult for me to label the music of Blabbermouth very precisely. Let's just say that it is often electronic, experimental, ambient, industrial post-punk/rock/folk with lots of sound collages, World Music & jazz vibes etc. Many songs have weird sounding robot narration in different languages and the overall feel is sort of out of this world and psychedelic as well. I won't go through all the tracks this time, but I like most of them. This in an interesting and adventurous journey into sound for sure. The lyrics seem to be rather deep and philosophical, although I don't understand most of the languages used. The drums are often very groovy and the ethnic string instruments give the synthesized soundscapes some natural feel as well. There are several guests featured too like Tuvan guitarist and throat singer Albert Kuvezin, Canadian folk singer Brenna MacCrimmon, Scottish jazz fusion drummer and percussionist Ken Hyder, English guitarist Justin Adams, English jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, pianist and composer  Tim Hodgkinson etc. If you like experimental, odd, original, challenging and heady music with lots of different ingredients you should definitely try this out.

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