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lauantai 20. elokuuta 2016

The Luck of Eden Hall - The End of the Line / Blown to Kingdom Come 7"

Mega Dodo Records (MEGA6)

The Luck of Eden Hall is a great neo-psych rock band from Chicago that I guess most of my readers are already familiar with. They have been around since the late 80s (okay, with a little hiatus in the middle) and put out 25 CD and vinyl releases altogether on labels like Fruits de Mer and Headspin Records, and I've been a fan since they sent me some of their CD's around 10 years ago. This brand-new single released this week includes two new great songs. The A-side "The End of the Line" is influenced by Neil Gaiman's book The Ocean at the End of the Line, and is bit more darker and sinister than what the band usually comes up with. It starts off in a slow, dreamy and a bit spooky manner. Only after three minutes the track starts rocking for a while and then slows down again. I love the vibe of this over five-minute long song that is not available elsewhere! To the band's great enjoyment Neil Gaiman was happy to draw the single's pretty minimal cover. On the flipside, "Blown to Kingdom Come" is a faster, energetic pop psych song a bit in The Beatles vein (but even better, if you ask me...). You can also hear the song on the band's new album The Accelator of Time that I just recently reviewed. If you want to buy a copy hurry up because this is very limited edition of only 150 copies on black vinyl and 150 on clear blue only for the Mega Dodo Singles Club members.

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