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maanantai 24. helmikuuta 2014

Da Captain Trips: Anechoic Chamber Outcomes I

Phonosphera Records (ph 05)

Da Captain Trips is an instrumental, experimental and psychedelic space/prog rock band from Italy. This limited edition album (250 copies on vinyl now sold-out, 300 on CD still available) is apparently their second release and it’s pretty good I might add. The 41-minute album was recorded live in studio and has seven tracks. “Leaving the Mainland Again” is the longest at 10:36 and starts off the disc in a very nice way. The synths give this band a nice extra dimension that makes the music more interesting and spacey. The guitar, bass and drums are all very cool too, of course. There are lots of different stages and moods in the opener, but all of it sounds very nice. The quite energetic “Merfolk Ride” brings to Mind Earthless at times, although this is more structured and less jam oriented stuff. “Sargassian Way to Definitive Blue”, already released on the digital EP, is a bit more relaxed, atmospheric piece that also rocks. The rather progressive “Mar-Kas-Has” has a weird, bit funky feel to it, and “Floating” is pretty much as you would expect it to be: very nice and beautiful, relaxing soundscapes that get heavier later on. “Old Man and the Sea” is another moody, atmospheric and melodic although mid-tempo track that reminds me of modern prog rock bands like Vespero or The Future Kings of England. The last piece is called “Siren’s Call” and it’s all slow and alluring. This is a great album and recommended. The band will play at Little Devil in Tilburg during the Roadburn weekend so let’s try to catch them alive there…

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