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keskiviikko 14. tammikuuta 2015

Urna: Cauchemar

Yerevantapes (YER010)

Urna is an esoteric and psychedelic ambient drone solo project by Gianluca Martucci from Italy. He has been releasing limited edition CD-R's and tapes since the turn of the millennium. I have not heard anything by him before, but this tape limited to 100 copies sounds very intriguing. It includes four rather long tracks played with bass, voice, zither, tubular bells, tibetan bells, gong, cymbal, flute, drum, pungi, whisper and shruti box.

The first track "Umbra" is very tranquil, droney, deep and meditative, and I love it when the slow, echoed, and sacred sounding vocals are added later on. I'm in trance already! "A Worm in My Bed" is a bit more minimal and experimental and doesn't exactly do the same for my soul. On "Alp" the dark, ritualistic side of Martucci's atmospheric soundscapes comes forth even more. If you close your eyes and concentrate enough, you might be able to see visions of some weird, ancient pagan rituals... The title track "Cauchemar" gets maybe a bit closer to noise, but it's still a very enjoyable, although dark and perhaps somewhat scary trip into the subconscious. Try this out if you dare!

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