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torstai 29. tammikuuta 2015

Lotus Thief: Rervm

Svart Records (SVR319)

Lotus Thief is an American duo playing an interesting mix of doom, black metal, ambient and post-rock, but there is other ingredients in the mix as well like space rock. The members also play in other projects like Botanist, The Night Falls and Ordo Obsidium, but I have never heard about those before either. To my knowledge, this is their debut album. Rervm was released already last year on three-sided double vinyl, but like often happens to me, the digital promo was laying forgotten on my hard disk until now. There are two long tracks on all the three sides (one side has an etched lotus). The music is quite varied but always atmospheric and I like the female vocals. The high-light track for me is perhaps "Discere Credas" that varies in between fast, rocking parts and slow parts. Space metal, maybe? Fans of Katatonia and other doomy, atmospheric and melodic metal might like this album a lot so check it out. Only 500 copies on two different colours.

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