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maanantai 5. tammikuuta 2015

Mama Longhorn: Enter the Rhythm Tank

Karkia Mistika Records / Seeker (karmi-051 / seeker-006)

Mama Longhorn is a new, groovy Afrobeat/funk group from Pori, Finland. They have one guy from Guinea on vocals and percussion, the rest are seasoned musicians from the Pori area. The album was recorded in total analogue manner and sounds very fresh and organic with lots of percussion, male and female vocals, psychedelic electric guitar, electric piano, organ, very cool bass lines and even some kantele. I'm somehow reminded of Goat, but this is not really that psyhedelic or fuzz rock and sometimes much more jazzy ("Chrome on Chrome Love Affair", "Mueller"). There are nine original songs on the CD and LP, and I seem to prefer the ones that have Faouzy Fawaz on vocals (like the opener "One Day") , since his African style vocals somehow give the tracks more authenticity. I still also like the female vocals by Eeva Poijärvi, as well. I also really enjoy the three tracks that sort of bring to mind the hypnotic jams of krautrock legens Can (who of course also were inspired by African rhythm music so no wonder) , namely "Susu Song", "Ahura" and the last, instrumental and a bit more experimental piece "Eagles of Ivory Coast" that also sounds a bit like some of The Hypnomen tracks. All in all, this is very nice album of groovy, warm-sounding funky rhythm music with some psychedelic overtones so check it out if you are into that kind of music!

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