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perjantai 31. tammikuuta 2020

Violet Nox - Future Fast EP

Sleep Fuse (SF33)

Violet Nox is an experimental electronics/synths/guitar/vocals ambient/no-wave act from Boston. I have reviewed their Twin Flame EP that was also released on Reverb Worship's electronic only sister label Sleep Fuse last year. Future Fast is rather similar in style but maybe a bit more minimal and weird.

There are four new tracks. The eight-minute "Cosmic Bits" starts up slowly and quietly. I like the cold, bit twisted and spacey vibe and when the beat joins in the track gets sort of going. "Moonshine" is slower and has more vocals. "Super Fan" is pretty experimental ambient stuff and gets rather hallucinogenic as well. "Bell Song" is another electronic ambient excursion to the alternate dimensions. Get a copy of the very limited (50 copies) CD-R from

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