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perjantai 13. joulukuuta 2019

Silver Cloud Express - Postcards From Outer Space EP


Silver Cloud Express is an "inter-galactic rock" band from the Sonoran desert, Tucson, Arizona. The trio is formed by Jamie Laboz (vocals, guitar, keys and sonic wizardry), Cristina Williams (vocals and bass) and Daniel Thomas (drums). Postcards From Outer Space is their second EP following Colors released last year. Both EP's are available at the band's Bandcamp site as a digital download but you can also buy the new one on CD.

I have already used the excellent tittle track "Postcards From Outer Space" on my latest Astral Visions Mixcloud show so my readers have probably heard that by now. If not, check it out now at least! I love the relaxed, spacey atmosphere of the rather melodic but psychedelic track. Excellent work! "Here & Now" is a bit more pop oriented and not so spaced-out but I love it too. The EP is finished with alternative/indie rock/dream pop song "Silver Lining" that isn't too bad either although a bit closer to main-stream. I could easily imagine this stuff been played on radio, it has a certain mass appeal to it. I hope the band will release a full-length soon since they certainly have a lot of potential. Personally I wish they would concentrate on the more spacey/heady material but I'm sure I will like it anyway.

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