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tiistai 17. joulukuuta 2019

Lastryko - Tętno Pulsu


Lastryko is an improvisational, instrumental kraut/space rock band from Gdynia, Poland. Apparently Lastryko is their second album and it was released in March this year so I'm a bit late with this review (once again...). The band is formed by Wojciech Lacki (bass), Jacek Rezner (drums), Artur Bieszke (guitar) and Maciej Szkudlarek (synthesizers).

The album has six tracks and lasts for around 45 minutes. The hypnotic opener "Jeden" sounds a bit like early Föllakzoid, dreamy & trancey."Dwa" rocks out a bit more with a steady drum beat and a bit louder guitar stuff. The next track "Trzy" is more ambient in nature, atmospheric stuff. "Cztery" has a synthesizer arpeggio going on and a cool more electronic krautrock vibe, I like it a lot. "Pięć" is an airy, rather minimal jam and the last track "Sześć" a longer (8:07), psychedelic excursion bringing to mind some of the lighter, instrumental passages of Circle or Pharaoh Overlord. All in all, a very pleasant album full of cool jams, but I somehow have a feeling that they could have evolved at least some of them a bit more with overdubs or something. Check it out!

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