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keskiviikko 8. maaliskuuta 2017

Astral Visions #71 now online for your aural pleasures!

1 Zukunft (from Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Brother) by Julie's Haircut
2 The Death Set (from Occult Architevture Vol. 1) by Moon Duo
3 Aurora (edit, from S/T) by Lamagaia
4 Trick of the Mind (from Stop Mute Defeat) by White Hills
5 Sinister Waters II (from Ruination) by KAIRON; Irse
6 There Used to Be a Darkness (from Amen 2) by Mikko Joensuu
7 Reach (from Eternal Hayden) by PH (Mr. Peter Hayden)
8 OutsideOfInTime (from Zen Bastard) by Earthling Society
9 Rayuela / Night Flower Codex (edit, from Wudkamrater split) by The Myrrors
10 The Misunderstood (from The Sorrows That Refuse To Drown) by Jesters of Destiny
11 Dave's War (from Tao of All Evil) by Brant Bjork
12 Glow11 (live, from Mela Ananda - Live) by My Sleeping Karma
13 Sugar Hills (edit, from Mal Du Siècle) by Hisko Detria
14 Deep Snow II (from Chalice Hymnal) by Grails

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