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torstai 11. joulukuuta 2014

Yuri Gagarin: S/T

Sulatron Records (st1405)

Yuri Gagarin, named after the famous Russian cosmonaut, is a great new heavy space/psych rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. This debut album was originally released last year on a local label. The sound quality wasn't the best possible, so Sulatron released this remixed, much better sounding version this autumn. People really seem to dig this band since the vinyl version is already sold out! Well, I can't blame them since this is killer album. It's still available on CD, though.

The album includes just four, instrumental tracks but they are long... "First Orbit" starts off suitably with some space transmissions in Russian. The actual track begins after a while and we get some heavy guitar, hypnotic, repetative mid-tempo rhythm and space effects. This is like a mix of Loop, Farflung, Hawkwind, Monster Magnet and White Hills, I'd say and very good indeed. "Sonic Invasion 2910" is a bit faster and rocks out even more. With some Tommy Grenas vocals this would sound very much like Farflung, but the track is so trippy, heavy and groovy and includes enough of nice solo guitar so things keep interesting even without the vocals and with more or less just one simple riff. This will for sure make you bang your head! "Za Kosmosom" is a slower, but just as heavy piece that reminds me of some of the slower, meditative and not too freaky tracks by Acid Mothers Temple. It has a bit mystical atmosphere and I like it a lot too. I'm also reminded of The Spacious Mind, another excellent space/psych rock band from Sweden. The last track "The Big Rip" is the longest at 10:47 and is superb, fuzzy and phased heavy space rocking from the beginning until very close to the end before the track evaporates into cosmic space sounds. This is perhaps the most Hawkwind-like piece on the the album, but there are also some stoner rock influences in there I think. I really like the solo guitar work, once again. I hope this superb band will release more stuff soon since I just can't get enough of music like this nowadays. Be sure to check them out!

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