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perjantai 19. joulukuuta 2014

The Sabbathian: Ritual Rites EP

Svart Records (SVR196)

The Sabbathian is a new epic doom metal band in the vein of classic Candlemass and Nemesis. The band features multi-instrumentalist Chad Davis from US occult heavy metal band Hour of 13 and a great Norwegian female singer Anette Gulbrandsen. This 12" EP is their first release and includes three tracks that all are in between six and seven minutes in length. "Ancient's Curse" starts off the EP sounding  like 80s Candlemass, very heavy and doomy indeed. Anette's vocals make the song stand out reminding me a bit of The Devil's Blood. There's also some great solo guitar work in there, nice! "Ritual Rites" continues along the same, doomy, heavy and slow/mid-tempo path and has some great riffs and excellent, powerful vocals.The last track "Nightshade Eternal" doesn't bring anything new to the table either, but is another very cool, heavy doom metal track in the Candlemass vein with great riffs and vocals and fluent metal solo guitar. After four minutes the track gets faster, though, and offers some great true heavy metal headbanging opportunities. Excellent! I'm looking forward to a full-length release.

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