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torstai 28. lokakuuta 2021

Sleeping Pandora - Ride the Horizon

 Clostridium Records (CR 064)

Ride the Horizon is the latest physical album (the first one on LP) by German solo artist Mathias Rosman. His dreamy, instrumental, rather electronic project Sleeping Pandora has now released already nine albums on Bandcamp, the latest being the brand-new Atmosphere. Clostridium's promo sheet mentions Pink Floyd and Ashra as comparisons and I must agree, although the music has a rather modern touch and sound quality, so no early 70's vibes except maybe on the marvelous guitar work with lots of delay and reverb.

The album has five long tracks. The opener is the 13:18 long, wonderful "Interplanetary Meditation". The title is rather revealing: just close you eyes and let the dreamy, spacey music take you away. "Vertical Drive" is a bit tighter and groovier tracks, very nice. Side B starts with the cool, airy and floating ambient piece "Holy Daze". It is the shortest track at just under five minutes and pretty simple. "Lightkeepers Routine" is pretty and hypnotic, one of my favourites. The album is finished with the faster, danceable "Ancient Subterranean Swimmingpool". Great! All in al, Ride the Horizon is another very pleasant Sleeping Pandora album and I recommend it warmly. The ultra limited colourerd vinyl seems to be sold out already but you might be able to score one of the 200 black copies. Both come with poster, sticker and download code and are hand-numbered.


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