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tiistai 15. joulukuuta 2020

Various Artists - Head Music 2

 Fruits de Mer Records (strange fish twenty-one)

Head Music 2LP released in April 2012 (What? Was it that really THAT long ago already?) must be one of the most loved release on Fruits de Mer Records. 18 modern psych artists doing their versions of some of the greatest original Krautrock treasures really worked and there was more stuff available to use on the Shrunken Head Music 2 x 7" in late 2013. Since there really is so much great stuff to choose from for reinterpretion, the massive 2LP/2CD various artists compilation Head in Clouds concentrating on the more electronic side of Krautrock was released a couple of months ago. Since this is Fruits de Mer we're taking about this of course wasn't enough so please let me introduce to you: Head Music 2! This time it's a triple LP with 18 tracks by familiar and so far unknown artists of today doing some famous and some more underground Krautrock numbers with a bit heavier emphasis. There is one exception: Schizo Fun Addict's contibution is only INSPIRED by Cosmic Jokers.

The bands and artists covered are Amon Düül, Amon Düül II (x2), Faust, Agitation Free, Embryo, Michael Rother, Mythos, Eloy, Can (x2), Kraftwerk (x3), Edgar Froese and Brainticket who were Swiss but ofter still regarded as Krautrock. And really mind-blowing as well! Vespero and Spurious Transients get to perform even two tracks, the rest are presenting just one. There are some spacey, even jazzy instrumental jams as well as more cohesive songs to give the album a nice balance and flow. At first listening, Cary Grace's storming version of Amon Düül II's excellent "Clouded by the Stars" is the one that totally spellbound me, she's voice is just perfect for this track. There are some songs that I had not even heard as originals, I must admit (Mythos and Embryo tracks, the bands I was still familair with). There is always something new to check out in Krautrock! Jay Tausig's Can cover "Father Cannot Yell" is one of the most rocking tracks and Maat Lander doing Kraftwerk's "Neon Lights" is probably one of the highlights as well. Having said that, I'm sure that some other tracks will be my favourites after a while since they're all amazing without anything I would have changed. I'm sure fans of the original Krautrock era will love these versions as well and this album will disappear pretty soon like the previous Head releases so be sure to get your copy as soon as possible! This is so cool stuff...

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