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keskiviikko 28. elokuuta 2019

Hotlist July-August

Okay, here's the hottest stuff (top 10) from July and August:

Uffe Lorenzen ‎– Triprapport (finally received the LP!)
Minami Deutsch ‎– Can't Get There 12” picture EP
Junzo Suzuki And Snakes Dont Belong In Alaska ‎– The Ascended Master Teachings of
Vibravoid ‎– Timemazine Woman optic art 7”
Vibravoid ‎– World Of Pain 7"
Soft Hearted Scientists ‎– Please Read Me 7”
Sendelica ‎– Cromlech Chronicles IV: The Door Into Summer
Weltraum ‎– NYX
Svenska Psykvänner ‎– The Hägersten Sessions
Here Lies Man ‎– No Ground To Walk Upon


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