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tiistai 4. kesäkuuta 2019

Dr Space's Alien Planet Trip - Vol 3 Featuring Martin Weaver

Space Rock Productions (SRP060)

This is the third solo album by Dr. Space aka Scott Heller from Danish/Swedish/American etc. improvised psychedelic space rock group Øresund Space Collective. This time he has teamed up with Martin Weaver, a guitar player known for legendary bands Dark and Wicked Lady. As you maybe know, Scott is not a keyboard player but specialized in producing the most spacey, out-of-this-world windy-whooshy synth noises so don't expect wild keyboard solos or even much synth melodies. There are some arpeggios and sequences in there to help create a bit more solid structures to the very ambient , experimental and spaced-out pieces.

The synthesizers used were Nord Lead 2 virtual analog synthesizer, Korg Monotron, Custom Modular Synthesizer and OSCar. Martin has also programmed some percussion in Logic to give the music more form, like on the opener "Lost in ten Desert" and almost Goa trance-like "Encart Stnap" that ends the album and also has some spoken word at the beginning. My favourites still are the most cosmic, ambient and atmospheric pieces like the majestic "Veganporcotopia" and "Spacey Placey" that really take you to weird, wonderful places. It's very cool to have electric and acoustic guitar in there to make things more interesting, and the drum programming also works for the most part. Scott is the master of spacey analogue synths sounds and alien soundscapes. The production is top-notch and the album cover art perfect for the spacey moods within.  If you enjoyed Scott's two previous solo albums you will for sure love this one. This is very limited edition of just 102 copies on black and 216 on blue vinyl so if you want to get on this strange alien trip you'll have to act fast!

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