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sunnuntai 26. elokuuta 2018

La Iglesia Atómica - S/T

Clostridium Records (CR-CD 013)

La Iglesia Atómica is a heavy psych/stoner rock band from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I had never heard of them before I got this CD from Clostridium erlier this year, but they have played together 20 years ago so this is sort of their comeback album I guess and apparently first official CD release. It was first released in South America last year.

The band pretty much relies on heavy riffing, fuzzy and wild solo guitar work, groovy rhythm section, cool jams and stoned vocals like the first wave of stoner rock bands in the 90s. And I like it! A good example is the mid-tempo "Superhombres". There are also some faster tracks like the insturmental "Stoner's Ball. I bet these guys have heard their share or early Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Nabula etc. but they still have a touch of their own. This is limited edition of 300 copies and if heavy stoner psych rock is your thing I'd recommend you to get one before they're all gone! New stuff seems to be coming up soon shich is great. This band seriously rocks!

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