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maanantai 25. kesäkuuta 2018

Cosmic Ground - IV

Adansonia Records (ar025)

Electric Orange's Dirk Jan Müller keeps himself busy with his Berlin-school styled kosmische electronic/ambient solo project Cosmic Ground. This 2LP is the project's fourth studio full-length release and includes seven new instrumental, atmospheric and mostly rather minimal tracks. There are also a few EP's and a double live album. As always, you can hear echoes of the old electronic kosmische masters like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, but Cosmic Ground still have its own taste and the amazing sound is rather modern. For example the opener "Possessed" brings to mind some of the experimental ambient acts of today rather than the electronic krautrock legends of the past.

This time, I will not go through all the long tracks here. I tend to prefer the ones with hypnotic, tingling sequencers like "Stained", "Greasy" and "Progeny". You really need to listen to this amazing album on good headphones in vertical position with your eyes closed and mind opened for the best results. Just let these wonderful sounds float through your consciousness and take you through strange spaces. I bet you can't find much better cosmic electronic music out there these days. There is a CD as well as two different 2LP versions with the hand-numbered white/green version being the more limited at just 110 copies. Go for it!

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