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torstai 25. tammikuuta 2018

Hooffoot - S/T

Paura Di Niente (PND001)

Hooffoot is a Swedish progressive jazz/rock band initially formed in 2009. The lineup is comprised of several talented musicians known from other bands like The Carpet Knights, Sgt Sunshine, Øresund Space Collective, Bland Bladen, Sibirien and Agusa. Two guests are also playing trumpet and baritone saxophone here to enhance the jazzy vibe. They released their debut album on LP in 2015. This CD version followed last year, sorry for the slight delay with my review...

The album has only two long, instrumental and evolving musical journeys: "1st Communique: Last Flight Of The Ratite" and "2nd Communique: Take Five, Seven, Six, Eight, And Nine". The atmosphere varies from peaceful and pastoral to wild and energetic. The playing is top-notch, sound quality superb and I find myself captivated by the band's vast arsenal of different moods and turns. I love both tracks equally, and there's lots to discover for repeated listenings. Warmly recommended for all lovers of instrumental, adventurous and progressive jazz rock!

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