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tiistai 18. heinäkuuta 2017

Cosmic Triggers - Homo Fractaliens

Adansonia Records (AR018)

Mother Russia keeps on giving birth to great psych bands, just check out Polska Radio One, Cosmic Letdown or Maatlander for example. Cosmic Triggers from Saint Petersburg is the latest addition to the ultra spacey, tripped-out and cosmic psych rock family and this is their first album. Homo Fractaliens has just seen a limited vinyl release on the superb Adansonia Records that has introduced people to stellar bands like Kungen's Män and Fungal Abyss.  Cosmic Triggers is formed by Anastasia Skabelkin (vocals & analog synth), Vladimir Skabelkin (guitar, ethnic, synth), Vladimir Kolbin (guitar), Russel Petrov (drums) and Tagir Khisamov (bass) and I have a feeling that these cosmonauts are going far and high.

The LP starts off with the laid-back, slow and droney "Introduction" where the band jams in relaxed mood while Anastasia gives brief cosmic messages.  After three-and-a-half minutes the title track rocks a bit more in a groovy, very cool style taking you deeper into space. Before the two-minute-marker the track turns into a reggae/dub styled jams that goes on for another five minutes tripping you out. "Undermind" is a nine-minute, hyper cosmic ambient piece that is perfect for the soundtrack of your favourite psychedelic trip. I love the ethnic/tribal, very spaced-out vibe on this one. Later on some percussion is added. I can imagine some ancient cave paintings being made my shamen with this music on... Wow! The mysterious "Syndicate" is more rock oriented stuff again and brings to mind the hazy, mescalin-fuelled soundscapes by Liquid Sound Company. This is very deep stuff and puts you in a trance! "Quant Um" is the only little faster number and comes closer to krautrock, Vibravoid or Hawkwind. My only complaint is that it is a bit short, but I guess you could say the length is just perfect at 4:20. The album is finished with a loose space jam called "Shutsuryoku" that keeps you lingering on in zero gravity for another six minutes. I got to say that Cosmic Triggers is one of the best and most interesting bands that I've encountered this year and I really advice you to receive their cosmic transmission. Amazing stuff!

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