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torstai 20. huhtikuuta 2017

Unimother 27 ‎– Fiore Spietato

Pineal Gland ‎(PG 005)
 Fiore Spietato is the fifth CD by Italian psychedelic one-man-band Unimother 27. Like before, all instruments (bass, guitar, synthesizers) are played by Piero Ranalli, except drums are credited to a mysterious Mr. Fist. Probably a drum machine, I guess. Anyway, Pietro knows how to make spacey, rather heavy and mind-altering psych rock and as always you'll get a healthy dose of soaring acid guitar work-outs.

This new album includes five long, instrumental tracks starting off with the rather slow, dark and heavy "There Is No Trip for Cats". Well, at least they got their catnip... And this track surely gives a trip to humans. Great solo guitar work on this one. On "Hierophantes" Piero gets a bit more progressive with some early 70s vibes and experimentation. Very nice! "Something About the Clouds" is much more experimental and weird, and "The Wheels of Memory" is the true ten-minute psychedelic journey of the album. The disc is finished with the even longer (14:21) title track "Fiore Spietato" where, according to Pietro's own words, "nature gives us enjoyment of indescribable beauty and then supresses them with equal determination". Hm, okay. Nature seems to have her ways to make us psych-out as well. Again, lots of heavy lead guitar work, progressive elements, experimentation and pure weirdness all-around. If you like your music weird, heavy, psychedelic, progressive and sort of going in several directions at once this project is definitely for you. The best and easiest way to obtain a copy of this and the previous albums is directly from the man through Discogs.

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