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lauantai 3. syyskuuta 2016

Woodrue - Low on Luck

KRH Records

Woodrue is a Helsinki based psychedelic horror doom/sludge/hardcore band that has been around for some years now. I was lucky to get their first tape Bones, Bile and Black Blood from the band in 2011 and have baan a fan ever since. After the split LP with their even smokier friends Semtex released in 2014 the band has dropped the second guitar player and is just a trio but that has not slowed them down (pun not intended) or made them any less heavy and skull-crushing. Low on Luck released on highly limited vinyl is essentially their debut album, and the boys have every right to be proud of it.

There are just five tracks on the album. Most of the down-tuned, heavily distorted music is pretty slow and groovy, but they also go into hardcore styled fast and energetic bursts from time to time and I like it. I got to say that I don't listen to sludge that much at home, although I do enjoy its harsh energy live, so I can't think of any bands to compare, but even the good old Carnivore comes to mind at times, especially during the faster parts. They say on their Facebook page that they are inspired by Robert Johnson and Black Sabbath. The tracks are well constructed and varied enough and they are not just repeating one simple riff on and on like some bands do. They know how to write killer riffs and the playing and powerful, rough vocals are great. I really enjoy when bands like this also play cool guitar solos, since that gives the music more scope and feel. There are also some spoken samples on a few songs. The overal vibe of the album is pretty dark and hopeless, so don't expect any happy hippie stuff here. Somehow the unbelievable groove still manages to make a grin on your face from time to time, even though the message is very gloomy and black. I really can't name favourite songs from the album, I like them all. The title track ends the album in an extremely heavy and depressive mode and is also the longest piece at almost eleven-minute. Really heavy shit!

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