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torstai 7. tammikuuta 2016

Astral Visions @ Mixcloud

My very first Astral Visions Internet Radio Show from 2009 is now available at Mixcloud, check it out!

Astral Visions 001 by Astral Visions on Mixcloud

Astral Visions # 1 playlist

Track 1: 0:00-3:50 Baby Woodrose: "Countdown To Breakdown" (from S/T)
Track 2: 3:50-16:00 Secret Saucer: Mind Mechanics (from Tri-Angular Waves)
Track 3: 16:00-23:01 Colorstar: System Breaks Down (from S/T)
Track 4: 23:01-28:11 Korai Öröm: Tizenkettő negyed (from 2009)
Track 5: 28:11-32:44 Aavikko: Specto Supernus (from Novo Atlantis)
Track 6: 32:44-40:21 Avaruuskorpraali Paha Hirvi: Seksuaalisuuden Herääminen (from Yöhoitajan maailmasta)
Track 7: 40:21-48:19 Gong: How To Stay Alive (from 2032)
Track 8: 48:19-1:01:11 The Future Kings Of England: Time Flies Like An Arrow (from The Viewing Point)
Track 9: 1:01:11-1:04:48 Adrian Shaw & Rod Goodway: Coloured Rain (from Oxygen Thieves)
Track 10: 1:04:48-1:09:56 White Hills: Oceans of Sound (from Heads on Fire)
Track 11: 1:09:56-1:14:40 Wooden Shjips: Motorbike (from Dos)
Track 12: 1:14:40-1:18:27 Nightstalker: Enough Is Enough (from Superfreak)
Track 13: 1:18:27-1:24:30 Alan Davey: Too High (from Eclectic Devils)

2 kommenttia:

  1. It used to be possible to download your shows, is this possible at mixcloud too?

  2. Unfortunately not, but I will contact you personally about this...