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tiistai 23. syyskuuta 2014

Fatso Jetson & Herba Mate: Early Shapes

Go Down Records

This is a cool split album by Californian stoner/desert rock legends Fatso Jetson and a new Italian band Herba Mate. There are three new tracks by Fatso Jetson and four tracks recorded live in the studio by Herma Mate. I must confess that I don't have all the Fatso Jetson albums or anything but I really like their stuff and was lucky to see them live one time in Berlin. "Living All Over You" gives you that warm, full and slightly intoxicating and hypnotic desert rock vibe that makes you nod your head in trance and I dig it. Great, groovy mid-tempo riff, excellent vocals and perfect sound. On "Long Deep Breath" you can also hear some keyboards and this is more complex song in other ways too but still not too difficult or hard to gasp. Very airy, melodic, touching and somehow deep song, I like it a lot. Desert rock doesn't have to be that heavy all the time! The last, long Fatso track/jam "Nyquilt" was recorded live in a studio and sounds a bit different but not bad at all. This is a hypnotic instrumental with just some wordless voices sometimes on top of the psychedelic, a bit heavier background that also includes backwards guitar. This is rather mesmerising stuff!

The Italian trio does a good job as well. They are probably more in the Kyuss/Colour Haze vein and have a heavy, fuzzy sound but with lots of emotion and meaning. I have previously reviewed their debut album. The instrumental "Desert Inn I" goes down well really well with its druggy, hazy desert vibe, and the energetic and in-your-face "Dance Dance Dance" rocks really good reminding me of some of the Brant Bjork stuff. "Way Down" is a punky and fast, two-minute adrenalin rush that kicks ass and the last instrumental piece "Desert Inn II" a closer to nine minute, cool continuation of their first track. There are some nice, more atmospheric jamming on this one, but also good, solid and heavy riffs. It was not an easy task to share a split album with Fatso Jatson but these boys from Italy pulled it off! This album is available on CD and limited vinyl and they both look amazing.

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