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keskiviikko 14. elokuuta 2013

Astral Visions Radio Show #43 online

Astral Visions Radio Show - Music from Psychotropic Zone, is hosted by DJ Astro

Playlist #43:

Beautify Junkyards - "Radioactivity" (from forthcoming S/T album)
The Lucid Dream - "A Mind at Ease Is a Mind at Play" (from So...ngs of Lies and Deceit)
The Oscillation - "Kissing the Sun" (from V/A: Travel Expop Series #2: Great Britain)
Mugstar - "Bardo Head Finder” (from V/A: Travel Expop Series #2: Great Britain)
The Seventh Ring of Saturn - "Alice Sunshine" (from S/T)
Spirits Burning & Clearlight - "Healing Power of Magnets" (from Healthy Music in Large Doses)
Mmoss & Quilt - "Sandy" (from New Hampshire Freaks split 10”)
Vespero - "Red Pitfalls" (from Droga)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. "In Search of the Lost Divine Arc” (from In Search of the Lost Divine Arc)
Spacelords – “Apeman (Live)” (from Live @ Psychedelic Network Festival)
Causa Sui – “Euporie” (from Euporie Tide)
Jay Tausig - "Blood and Bone" (from Scorpio: Water Dragon and Fire Bird)
White Hills - "Forever in Space (Enlightened)" (from So You Are…So You'll Be)
Sendelica - "Tinsel Tears" (from Kaleidoscopic Kat and Its Autoscopic Ego)
Blood Ceremony- "Goodbye Gemini" (from The Eldritch Dark)
Beautify Junkyards - "Ask Me No Questions" (from forthcoming S/T album)

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