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tiistai 23. huhtikuuta 2013

My Roadburn 2013 highlights

My Roadburn highlights:

Thursday: Robert Hampson, Magdalena Solis, Maserati, The Psychedelic Warlords.

Friday: Dream Death, Radar Men from the Moon, Sabbath Assembly, Uncle Acid, The Pretty Things, Eternal Tapestry, Electric Wizard, Goat, Psychic TV.

Saturday: Camera, Wo Fat, Teeth of the Sea, Mr. Peter Hayden, My Brother the Wind, The Cosmic Dead, Endless Boogie.

Sunday: Astra, Pallbearer, Michael Rother, Golden Void, Electric Moon.

The Pretty Things was the biggest surprise, since they were really flying! I knew The Psychedelic Warlords would be great but they still totally blew me away from this planet... And so did Eternal Tapestry and The Cosmic Dead. Uncle Acid and Goat: very cool indeed. With the also superb Astra, Radar Men from the Moon and Electric Moon gigs these were probably the only ones I saw completely.

Too much metal for me again, but what can you do. Pallbearer was a great new find: it's cool that not all the new metal/doom/sludge/whatever bands have to be the heaviest and most brutal shit ever. These guys are brave enough to show some tenderness as well. But they are still heavy! ;)

I would also really like to have seen Diagonal, maybe they can make it next year! ;) And the same goes for Hills...

It was lovely to see old friends again, and party with some of them... Thanks!

Dj Astro & Dj Jugh Roadburn 2013 playlists might or might not materialize some day...

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